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Teeth Cleaning


What is Teeth Cleaning?
It is mandatory to have regular sessions with your dentist to get your teeth cleaned. Most of the dentists would advise you to come for the cleaning procedures once in every six months. The cleaning techniques involve pain, jaw pain and prodding. You can check with your dentist if you have any query about the procedure and they will guide you properly.

What are the teeth cleaning procedures?

Physical exam: The process of cleaning teeth starts with the physical exam which is performed by a dentist. A small mirror is used through which he/she checks around your teeth and examine the teeth and gums.
Removing of plaque and tartar around the gum line: There might be some scraping sound involved, but this is normal. Regular flossing at your home can stop the buildup of tartar. The dentist use scaler to remove plaque and tartar which is accumulated around the gums. More the amount of tartar more scraping is done to get rid of it.
Flossing:Flossing is done by the dentists to take care of the minute particles that might have settled in between your teeth.
Rinsing: It is advised you to rinse your mouth thoroughly to remove all the impurities that might have gathered.
Fluoride treatment: A fluoride treatment would be given where according to your favourite taste like mint and strawberry, the fluoride would be applied to your mouth.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?
The treatment can be safely taken by anyone irrespective of the age or gender. It involves prodding, cleansing and a mild jaw discomfort. Consult with your doctor about your fear and your needs. If you are a heart patient, do let the dentist know before so that some of the parts of the treatment may not be performed.