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Gum Treatment

Best Gum Treatment in Rajahmundry

Gum Treatment

Best gum treatment in Rajahmundry

Gum treatment is bound to be done when the gum disease problem goes beyond a certain extent. Gum disease when not treated at the initial stage can lead to different oral health issues like loss of bone, weakening of tooth support, or tooth loss. Gum surgery can eliminate these problems by removing the infected gum area and control the infection spreading.

What is periodontal Treatment?

Periodontal Treatment or Gum treatment is a procedure done to manage signs of periodontal disease activity i.e. needed to stop progressive bone loss and regenerate lost bone where possible. It is done to prevent tooth loss, gap between teeth, bleeding gums and bad breath to restore periodontal health.

Best gum treatment in Rajahmundry.

Why would you need Gum Treatment?

The main goal of periodontal flap surgery is to get rid of any diseased tissue through a small incision at the junction of gum and teeth. The gum tissue then cuts off a flap-like section that gives the dentist easy access to the ligaments and bone tissues. This installation of the diseased tissue, bone or ligaments is removed and then the teeth are cleaned intensely. The cleaning process helps to get rid of any harmful bacteria, plaque or even calculus.
gum treatment in Rajahmundry